Test LaTex or any other way to make dots atop numbers

Fanny pack kogi salvia, chia selvage helvetica retro green juice. Humblebrag vexillologist trust fund YOLO 3 wolf moon beard four loko. PBR&B asymmetrical before they sold out woke next level dreamcatcher cray austin live-edge shabby chic roof party tbh cronut pickled bushwick. Photo booth raclette fingerstache street art franzen glossier snackwave art party vexillologist everyday …

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Passist – major update and discussion

Hi passers I’m happy to announce the release of a major update of passist [1]. The most important change is the added 3d animation for siteswaps. It’s still far from complete but hopefully useful enough. There were lots of other changes including the replacement of the underlying javascript framework. Please tell me, if something does …

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Take-Outs in 4-handed siteswaps

756-about, 777-about, 972-about, 978-about

At the last Passout in Krelingen Christian from Pittsburgh brought the idea of doing take-outs in a 4-handed siteswap and workshoped 726-about, “What’s that about?” and “Manège à trois” (786-about), which I really enjoyed.

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