Dust Devil in 3-count

CoastlessCon, July 2019

Pattern type: prechac

Dust Devil is a very nice walking pattern which was introduced to the passout mailing list in May 2018 by Dave and Athena Davis.

The perfect description from which Juli and other European jugglers learnt the pattern goes like this:

3 Juggles are in a line. A is facing B and C. B
and C are facing A. C is behind B. B is in the middle. Dust Devil can
be done on various counts, but start with 6-count. On the passing beat,
A throws to C. B throws to A. And C throws to B.

That last one is the tricky throw, because B’s back is to C. It is
important that C throws to the right of B and a little wide (as if B
were facing C). Once B throws to A, B immediately turns 180 degrees
(turn clockwise on right handed passes) BEFORE making the next self
throw. Once turned, throw the left self and catch the incoming pass.

Once B makes the catch, B backs up. A moves forward to the middle. We
are already back at the start of the pattern but with the line flipped
180 degrees. A is now B. B is now C. and C is now A. On the next
passing beat, the move is repeated. Once more and everyone has done all

Notes: If done in a 6 or 4 count, the jugglers will move in an oval
shape (counterclockwise). If done in a 5 or 3 count, the jugglers move
in a figure 8 (and it becomes a “north wall” pattern). In the 4 or 6
count versions, it is possible to add a second middle person (have 4
total jugglers). I think the 6 count version of this pattern is doable
by most jugglers that can move while juggling. Faster counts will get
challenging. How fast you want to go is up to you. I prefer the odd
counts because they are both-handed, but the right hand versions are fun
too. Let me know how it goes.

Good Luck,

P.S. For anyone not familiar with the term, a “Dust Devil” is a
miniature tornado that is common in the desert I live in. Often
multiple whirling funnels of dust are visible out in the desert. As you
speed up that pattern (going from 6 count to 5 count) the pattern gets a
whirling feel that inspired the name.” (cited from the original email from the inventors of the pattern)

I liked the idea very much and wanted to juggle it. At CoastlessCon 2019 I had the opportunity to practice the pattern together with Doreen and Martin. We started with the 5-count-version (which Juli got on video last year) and found out, that it is hard to keep the rhythm, because when you walk into the middle you always tend to juggle slightly faster, to be early enough to catch the club which is coming from behind. But if B passes too early to A, this hurries him and you will receive an early next pass.

So we discovered, that keeping the rhythm is extremely important for this pattern.

The pattern looks a bit like Bruno’s Nightmare in 1-count (ridiculous speed) as you are walking the same ways in the same speed, but it’s easier, because there is no feed, less passes and therefore a lower danger of collisions.

Reading the description and watching the video again, I just realized, that we turned in the other direction than it was described by Dave & Athena: After the right hand passes we turned counter clockwise and after the left hand passes clockwise. So is this still Dust Devil?

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