Dust Devil

juggled @ Augsburg Notconvention Mai 2018

Dust Devil came via the PassOut mailing list: I was originally asking for some advice on the Phoenician Waltz video credits. The conversation turned to Steven Clipson being a great juggler (I don´t know him, personally, but I believe he must be amazing) and patterns he invented together with Athena and Dave Davis. Two of those are “Dust Devil” and “I Didn´t See That Coming!” which is based on the “Dust Devil move”.
I was interested to juggle them, but there was no video…
Still, with Dave´s very detailed and careful description, we managed to juggle both of them – and we discovered they are great fun!

In the video, we show Dust Devil in 5-count, making it an ambidextrous pattern. To get used to the moving and the 180° turn in the middle, I´d recommend doing it in 6-count, first. According to rumor, it is possible to do the right-handed versions with 4 people – someone wants to try?

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