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Juggling Conventions

Conventions are a very good place to meet many jugglers at once. A big plus of conventions is that you can work on a pattern for longer than in most evening training sessions.
Also, jugglers are super nice people to hang out, have a beer, play a game, talk nerdy stuff.
So, check out the next conventions!

Convention Calendar (former INBAZ)

Upcoming events (from TheJugglingEdge)

Juggling Clubs - Germany

Jonglieren in München (JIM e.V.)

Andi´s and now also Juli´s home base. Lots of gyms, lots of training, lots of opportunities. Home of the "Passing in Moosach" events. People are quite spread out between the different trainings, though. Write a message to Juli if you are coming to Munich and want to pass!

Rhein-Erft Juggling (REJ)

Based near Düsseldorf, these guys do lots of passing and manipulations. Check them out and join their training - that´s a personal recommendation from someone who knows!

Jonglieren in Ulm (JiU)

Juli´s old home club. They are mostly using WhatsApp to communicate, so it´s best you write a mail to Sandi if you want to go for training, there.

Jongliertreff Ingolstadt (on Facebook)

Offener Treff für alle, die Spaß am Jonglieren, Poi-Swinging, Diabolo spielen usw. haben.

Pyramidaler Kleinkunstverein Karlsruhe (PKV)

Despite Niggl being based here, there are rumors about a lack of passing compared to the good old times. Still, check them out!

Zirkustreff Saarbrücken-Burbach

Jenny and Sebastian host a weekly Circus training in a church hall. Doesn´t sound interesting? Watch out, their passing level is quite high!

Circulum e.V. Berlin

Berlin is huge and full of awesome jugglers! Great inventions like many takeouts and, recently, takeout overlays, come out of Berlin. For passing partners, check with them ahead of time!

Jonglieren in Göttingen

Juggling training up to 6 times per week! And, Nicki is based here. If you are anywhere close, you absolutely must visit!

Moin! Jonglieren in Hamburg

4 times per week, lots of passers!

Jonglieren in Freiburg

Large juggling/spinning/hoop/fire community, 4 training opportunities per week.  For passing and VolleyClub, visit Mondays (Seepark/StuSi) or Thursdays (Escholzpark/Max-Weber-Schule). You can get in touch on Facebook or WhatsApp.

Your club is missing?
I´m happy to add it if you are meeting regularly and want to promote passing!

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