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Juggling Conventions

Con­ven­tions are a very good place to meet many jug­glers at once. A big plus of con­ven­tions is that you can work on a pat­tern for longer than in most even­ing train­ing ses­sions.
Also, jug­glers are super nice people to hang out, have a beer, play a game, talk nerdy stuff.
So, check out the next con­ven­tions!

Convention Calendar (former INBAZ)

Upcoming events (from TheJugglingEdge)

Juggling Clubs – Germany

Jonglieren in München (JIM e.V.)

Andi´s and now also Juli´s home base. Lots of gyms, lots of train­ing, lots of oppor­tun­it­ies. Home of the "Passing in Moosach" events. People are quite spread out between the dif­fer­ent train­ings, though. Write a mes­sage to Juli if you are com­ing to Munich and want to pass!

Rhein-Erft Juggling (REJ)

Based near Düs­sel­dorf, these guys do lots of passing and manip­u­la­tions. Check them out and join their train­ing – that´s a per­son­al recom­mend­a­tion from someone who knows!

Jonglieren in Ulm (JiU)

Juli´s old home club. They are mostly using What­s­App to com­mu­nic­ate, so it´s best you write a mail to Sandi if you want to go for train­ing, there.

Jongliertreff Ingolstadt (on Facebook)

Offen­er Treff für alle, die Spaß am Jon­glier­en, Poi-Swinging, Diabolo spielen usw. haben.

Pyramidaler Kleinkunstverein Karlsruhe (PKV)

Des­pite Niggl being based here, there are rumors about a lack of passing com­pared to the good old times. Still, check them out!

Zirkustreff Saarbrücken-Burbach

Jenny and Sebasti­an host a weekly Cir­cus train­ing in a church hall. Doesn´t sound inter­est­ing? Watch out, their passing level is quite high!

Circulum e.V. Berlin

Ber­lin is huge and full of awe­some jug­glers! Great inven­tions like many takeouts and, recently, takeout over­lays, come out of Ber­lin. For passing part­ners, check with them ahead of time!

Jonglieren in Göttingen

Jug­gling train­ing up to 6 times per week! And, Nicki is based here. If you are any­where close, you abso­lutely must vis­it!

Moin! Jonglieren in Hamburg

4 times per week, lots of pass­ers!

Jonglieren in Freiburg

Large juggling/​spinning/​hoop/​fire com­munity, 4 train­ing oppor­tun­it­ies per week. For passing and Vol­leyC­lub, vis­it Mondays (Seepark/​StuSi) or Thursdays (Escholzpark/Max-Weber-Schule). You can get in touch on Face­book or What­s­App.

Your club is miss­ing?
I´m happy to add it if you are meet­ing reg­u­larly and want to pro­mote passing!

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