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Der eilige Wanderwaschbär (The hasting hiking racoon)

13th February 2022

On the passing Con in Göttingen, Lisa showed us a nice pattern from Austria (from Wolfgang Schebeczek). The pattern comes …

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Shorty a.k.a. 796686867-about a.k.a. Quickie

21st November 2021

A new takeout pattern based on a period 9 base pattern with 7 clubs. I designed the base pattern specifically …

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22nd October 2021

BrunEd is an ambidextrous 4-person manipulator pattern with five manipulation actions.It is based on the idea of MinuEd, a three-person …

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Beginner patterns

These patterns are good for beginner passers and for beginner jugglers. Some of them don't even require any juggling skills.


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