Pas­sOut Krelin­gen After­movie by Hoschy

Thank you for an awesome PassOut!

This year, Pas­sOut took place in Krelin­gen, a small town in north­ern Ger­many. The next train sta­tion was 12 km away with a very sketchy bus sched­ule, so we shuttled people to and fro in private cars. Thanks to the drivers who were mainly Chris­ti­an K., Uwe, Juli, Nicki and Menno every­one got to Pas­sOut and every­one caught their train at the end.

Thanks also to all the oth­er jug­glers who came and who helped. The ser­vice Ladies of GRZ were so much in love with you! Take it from them: you are a very spe­cial and very awe­some crowd!


82 jug­glers from 12 coun­tries atten­ded. With 32 attendees, Ger­mans were the strongest group fol­lowed by 17 jug­glers from the UK, 8 from the Neder­lands and 6 from the USA.


There were 29 female and 53 male jug­glers, Ger­mans and Swedes being the only groups with a bal­anced gender dis­tri­bu­tion. So, who­ever wants to com­plain about too many Ger­mans at Pas­sOut…


Thanks to all the wokshop teachers. Without you, PassOut wouldn´t be half as awesome!

Thanks also to Toto, who coordin­ated the work­shops at din­ner – even those with French words in them!
Chris­ti­an K.
  • "Speed-passing"
  • "726-about" & "What´s that about" with Eva and Swis­s­ti­an 
  • "Manège à Trois" with Eva and Camer­on  
  • "Mini-Ed" with Eva, Danni and Swis­s­ti­an 
  • "Bru­nicki" with Anett, Bar­bara and Juli  
  • "Bru­nick­olf" with Anett, Bar­bara, Markus and Wolfgang 
  • Fight Night
  • "Hi-jack­ing in Why Not" with Camer­on 
  • "Hi-jack­ing in Maybe" with Camer­on 
  • "7 clubs peri­od 5 pat­terns with Zips" with Camer­on 
  • "Peri­od 7 Pat­terns with Zaps" with Camer­on 
  • "Bam­boozled Panto" with Juli, Lars and Will  
  • "How to Amble" 
  • "Chop­sticks" with Jenny, Jon and Wieb­ke  
  • "How to go from 6 to 7 clubs passing" with Vin­cent 
Doreen & Tur­tur
  • "1up2up pat­terns" 
John S.
  • "Easy 4 per­son mov­ing passing pat­terns" with Greg, John Z., Nick & Staffan 
Lisa, Evl and Eli­as
  • "Drunk­en Sail­ors" (There was no poster!)
  • "10 at 10" (10 clubs speed-passing)
  • "Brun­olf" with Anett, Markus and Nicki 
  • "Neck relax­a­tion tech­niques"
  • "Stretch­ing that may feel like yoga but isn´t"
  • "Tai Chi" (every day!!!)
  • "Chinese Cal­li­graphy"

New patterns of the year: Takeouts in Bruno´s

With takeouts in Bruno´s, there is a new fam­ily of manip­u­lat­or-pat­terns out. It star­ted at the 2018 Ber­lin Jug­gling con­ven­tion with Nicki, Anett, Andreas and Uwe intro­du­cing takeouts into 3‑count Bruno´s. "Bru­nicki" was born there. It went on at Pas­sOut with Wolfgang first try­ing to adapt a com­bin­a­tion of 2 scrambleds into 2‑count Bruno´s. It was quite hard, espe­cially as the manip­u­la­tion as well as the walk­ing is dif­fer­ent accord­ing to which side of the pat­tern you are on. At some point, Juli said "I feel like cream that someone wants to beat and to heat up at the same time". We didn´t get a full round but we named the pat­tern "Ther­mo­mix".

Nicki was more keen on intro­du­cing takeouts into 3‑count Bruno´s, to get semi-ambi­dex­trous pat­terns like Bru­nicki. Bru­nicki looks sym­met­ric but for the indi­vidu­al jug­gler it actu­ally isn´t. 2 jug­glers always manip­u­late on the right, 2 on the left-hand side.

Finally, Brun­olf res­ul­ted from the com­bined efforts of Wolfgang and Nicki. As Brun­olf was designed to spe­cific­ally manip­u­late only clubs that are left alone by Bru­nicki, those 2 can be com­bined to make a 5 people pat­tern with 2 manip­u­lat­ors, named Bru­nick­olf.

The Bruno´s takeouts are a little harder than scrambleds. They require passes and manip­u­la­tion from both hands.

Passing software & online resources

Swis­s­ti­an made up a new soft­ware for passing. In the pro­cess, he dis­covered many little known resources online.

You´ll find the links on the start page.


New Year´s Eve

Katie was in charge of the Party dec­or­a­tions – and our din­ing room looked awe­some. There were chinese well-wishes from Wiebke´s work­shop, lots of ori­gami orna­ments, self-made gar­lands and a mil­lion lights. Thank you, Katie and Katie´s crew: Uwe, Ruth, Toto and…


This year, it was not only the Itali­ans Alberto and Giord­ano respons­ible for the drinks – they got help from Simon and Hoschy. The drinks menu was cer­tainly impress­ive.


As there was no pool, there was no water bal­let. But – there was "hobby­hors­ing" where people old enough to be con­sidered adults act like they are horse and rider in a dressage show. Silly!

Hobbyhorsing crew: Uwe, Juli, Tanja and Toto, supported by Princess Freya and Hoschy, the coconut drum machine @ Passout Krelingen 2018-19
Hobby­hors­ing crew: Uwe, Juli, Tanja and Toto, sup­por­ted by Prin­cess Freya and Hoschy, the coconut drum machine @ Pas­sout Krelin­gen 2018 – 19