3p 1 1 2 3 2p "Stella"

This is one tough Mini! Stella and Juli learned the siteswap at the 2013 ejc in Toulouse in the "Minis"-workshop by Tine and Doreen. We couldn´t juggle it, of course. So we prac­tised. And prac­tised. And prac­tised more. And then some. Stella went to Mad­a­gas­kar. She came back. We prac­tised. Stella went to Edin­burgh. She came back – we did it! Finally! Yay!

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'Minis' Workshop EJC Millstreet 2014

At the EJC 2014 in Mill­street, Ire­land, Anni and Tine gave a very nice work­shop for 'Minis' – passing pat­terns with less than 3 clubs per per­son. There is a quite easy 4 club pat­tern for 2 people, 3p 2 2p 1 ("Benni") which was also in the 'Minis' work­shop at the 2014 Ber­lin con­ven­tion. The second one is a much harder 5 club …

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