Roundabout with isolated person (Super Juggling 2016)

Experimente…mit Simon´s neuer ActionCam, mit dem altbekannten Roundabout und mit unseren Freunden aus Neuss – besonders Hoschy, der sich hat bereitwillig isolieren lassen… 7 Club Roundabout with an isolated person: That means, one of the 3 people does not leave his position, forcing the other 2 to adjust theirs. Good for jugglers with knee or … Read more

SM w/ Backdrop, Backcatch & Changeover (a.k.a. Batman) (PassOut 2015 2016)

Originally from the Biowup crew, we tried this combination of a Standard Manipulator and Changeover with a Backdrop and a Backcatch first at the ejc and finally managed to do it on the first night of PassOut. It´s a fun pattern to do and fancy to watch… The funny thing is, we did not learn … Read more