List of Scrambled V variations

The first and original Scrambled V was developed by the Biowup group in Hilden, Germany. Aidan Burns found a clever way to not only describe the already existing pattern, but to work out 27 possible variations. Here´s a Google sheet complete with video links.


This pattern is the scrambled variation known as “B”. In Britain, it´s also known as the “Honey Bee” and the counting goes “Sun, rain, flowers” instead of “1,2,3”. During the carry you´d call “honey” and the bee follows the carry, buzzing. Well, the little bee got tired of all that “sun, rain and flowers” stuff …

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Scrambled V – mirrored

This standard scrambled V is mirrored or as Ed calls it, flipped. All the passes and manipulation are on the left hand and we also walk in the 'wrong' direction. For fun, you can watch the video in mirrortube, it looks like a 'normal' Scrambled V, then. Juggled at PassOut 2014-2015 in Someren.