Dolby 5.1 mit Einzel- und Doppelgänger

Dolby 5.1 is a new one of Ed´s. As his shoulder dam­age pre­vents him from doing lots of right-handed sin­gel passes, he inven­ted a beginner´s pat­tern on 5-count: Dolby 5.1! Count­ing to 5 needs get­ting used to, but oth­er­wise it´s great: ambi­dex­trous and still not at all hard. Down­load Dolby 5.1 nota­tion Down­load Dolby 5.1 Dop­pel­gänger nota­tion


Champi is one of Ed´s new­er cre­ations based on a pass-pass-self. Com­pared to Min­uEd, it´s really easy so try this one first if you want to mess around in pass-pass-self… A iB℗|pcs| becomes B B pps|pps| becomes M M pcA|sAB| becomes A The start is left-handed pass! As the pat­tern has (only) 2 beats, it is asym­met­ric (mean­ing that each …

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