Dolby 7.1

Dolby 7.1 is the latest in the series of patterns that have manipulation similar to the classic Dolby Söround. In this new pattern, we add a club to the Dolby 5.1 pattern, first shown in the video of the 9th Secret German Convention. Dolby 5.1, Dolby 5.2 and Dolby 7.1 were all composed together as a …

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Zippy is the new craze of 2017! Invented by Dr. Ed and taught at Passout in Cambourne, it went like fire all over German Conventions. Is it hard? Well…if you are used to ambidextrous manipulations as well as 9 club PPS runaround – no. It´s a good idea to try the PPS runaround, first, and …

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Dolby 5.2

It is debatable whether Dolby 5.2 needs his own video – it is a very slight variant of Dolby 5.2. Still, check it out – it´s a lot less popular right now. Show Dolby 5.2 notation

Dolby 5.1 mit Einzel- und Doppelgänger

Dolby 5.1 is a new one of Ed´s. As his shoulder damage prevents him from doing lots of right-handed singel passes, he invented a beginner´s pattern on 5-count: Dolby 5.1! Counting to 5 needs getting used to, but otherwise it´s great: ambidextrous and still not at all hard. Download Dolby 5.1 notation Download Dolby 5.1 …

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Why you follow me

A pattern created in 2013 by Ed Clark, using Aidan notation.The base pattern is a 4 juggler static Y passed in 4-count. B is at the back (or foot) of the Y, D in the middle of the Y, A on the left of the Y (from the point of view of D and B) …

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MinuEd is a manipulation with changeover in PassPassSelf Passing. It was developed by Ed Clark quite recently and now, the race is on to get 2 full rounds on video. The closest call so far is from the states and you can watch them here. Caution, they use glittery pink fat ….things. Well, we managed …

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