Easy 3 Clubs Warmup (1.5p)

A super easy warmup for beginner (club) jugglers who want to feel out clubs. No juggling skills required! This is usually the first pattern in our Workshop “Passing for Non-Jugglers”. It shows half-turns (flips) in “spin” and “anti-spin” direction and gives a feeling for the clubs center of gravity and rotation properties.

5 clubs easy Shamrock with Zaps

A very successful "Minis for jugglers and non-jugglers" Workshop!
These guys are now super motivated to juggle!

For shamrock, there are several ways to make it easier: full passes instead of zaps slow everything down. Likewise, 3 (or 5) selves slow the pattern and give more time to think. Jugglers who cannot do a self from their left hand may zip the club into their right hand before the 3rd pass arrives and then just start pass-pass-pass.
If you are afraid of clubs and of toss juggling: use balls and roll them on a table (or the floor).