cAsBiA on Anna-Maria (Herxheim 2016)

I´m getting closer to my goal of having juggled all 27 scrambled variations in time for next year´s EJC (POLAND, POLAND!). Actually, I juggled more than half of them, already, and I´m very motivated for the others – so if you want to learn a new scrambled, just chat to me… Now, people are distracting … Read more

RUM BEE (Ulm 2015)

This pattern is the scrambled variation known as “B”. In Britain, it´s also known as the “Honey Bee” and the counting goes “Sun, rain, flowers” instead of “1,2,3”. During the carry you´d call “honey” and the bee follows the carry, buzzing. Well, the little bee got tired of all that “sun, rain and flowers” stuff … Read more

3 on Toast (Herxheim 2015)

Who thinks that scrambleds are already super complicated should scroll down. Don´t look at this. Seriously! This one is a 5 juggler scrambled – a combination from “Toast” and “3” (which you can see separately further down). The second manipulator brings only one more club – but a much longer period and less space in … Read more