SM w/ Backdrop, Backcatch & Changeover (a.k.a. Batman)

juggled @ PassOut 2015 2016 Königswiesen

Pattern type: takeout

Originally from the Biowup crew, we tried this combination of a Standard Manipulator and Changeover with a Backdrop and a Backcatch first at the ejc and finally managed to do it on the first night of PassOut. It´s a fun pattern to do and fancy to watch…

The funny thing is, we did not learn it from any of the Biowup guys themselves, but it is neither a super popular or commonly seen pattern – however, that may change, now.

You can see the original and the notation on

Success! The pattern seems to get popular…as I was asked to teach this one already several times by now, I´ll give a few more hints:

For the passers:

Slooooow down. High selfs, floaty passes. Relax. Breathe.There is only 1 assisted catch in the pattern, which is the pass backcatch. Throw it short and so that the club is vertical with the body up for as long as possible time.

For the manipulator:

1. Practise throwing backdrops, for example in a 3 person passing line. When throwing the backdrop, turn your upper body so it faces the person you are manipulating. In this way, the backdrop is easier to aim and the early self takeout with the left hand gets easier, too.

2. If you have difficulties getting the self takeout early, stand closer to the person you are manipulating and grab the club out of their hand while they are still holding it. Feels strange the first time but is a robust way to do early takeouts. If you get hit by a self, you either went in too high or your partner got scared and lost control of a self. Cool your face and try again. Move the taken self under your partners pattern and give it back from below as soon as their hand is free – they will have a pass coming to this hand next!

3. After the right hand threw the backdrop, it has to go behind the back to catch the next pass. Move your right hand behind your back so that the palm is outside and the thump is up. Do not press your hand to your own back – you will have more freedom of movement if you don´t. Turn your upper body a lot – you should face away from the person throwing your backcatch by 90° or more. Watch your own hand and the club over your shoulder and catch it. Remember: you are the one who is moving! You can not expect your partner to just hit your hand perfectly!

Before you get desparate: let´s just do it at one the next conventions.

Best of luck,


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