PassOut 2018-2019 Krelingen

Pattern type:

Brunicki is a 4 person manipulation pattern based on Bruno´s 3-count and 6-count feed. It is technically ambidextrous but as the jugglers always stay on their side of the pattern, each jugglers´ part is always on the same hand.

The pattern was invented at the Berling Juggling convention 2018 by Nicki, Anett, Andreas and Uwe. The level is a little higher compared to any of the scrambled V variations. The period is also 3 but there are 2 substitutes (scrambleds have only one substitute). Plus, the manipulation may feel strange as some moves are performed with the “wrong” hand. Especially because of the pseudo-ambidextrous maniplulation, we strongly recommend using a color code: In the video, only blue clubs may be passed, while red clubs are always selves.

There is a second pattern based on Bruno´s by Wolfgang, Brunolf. In Brunolf, the manipulation is performed only on passes and selves that are not manipulated in Brunicki – so, the patterns can be combined to a 5 juggler version called Brunickolf.

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