PassOut 2018-2019 Krelingen

Bru­nicki is a 4 per­son manip­u­la­tion pat­tern based on Bruno´s 3‑count and 6‑count feed. It is tech­nic­ally ambi­dex­trous but as the jug­glers always stay on their side of the pat­tern, each jug­glers´ part is always on the same hand.

The pat­tern was inven­ted at the Ber­ling Jug­gling con­ven­tion 2018 by Nicki, Anett, Andreas and Uwe. The level is a little high­er com­pared to any of the scrambled V vari­ations. The peri­od is also 3 but there are 2 sub­sti­tutes (scrambleds have only one sub­sti­tute). Plus, the manip­u­la­tion may feel strange as some moves are per­formed with the "wrong" hand. Espe­cially because of the pseudo-ambi­dex­trous maniplu­la­tion, we strongly recom­mend using a col­or code: In the video, only blue clubs may be passed, while red clubs are always selves.

There is a second pat­tern based on Bruno´s by Wolfgang, Brun­olf. In Brun­olf, the manip­u­la­tion is per­formed only on passes and selves that are not manip­u­lated in Bru­nicki – so, the pat­terns can be com­bined to a 5 jug­gler ver­sion called Bru­nick­olf.

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