Passing for Non-Jugglers

Pattern type:

This workshop is for not-yet-Jugglers, beginner Jugglers or partners of Jugglers.
The goal: Having fun with easy passing patterns even before you can do 3 objects cascade. That's a promise!

The easiest way to do these is in a mixed group of jugglers and non-jugglers - or at least with some people who have serious motor skills (like many musicians). More important than "correct" patterns or beautiful movement is that all participants are feeling the joy of juggling/passing.

Make sure to emphasize teamplay and patience, creative alterations, even "cheating" is allowed!

The patterns are roughly in order of increasing difficulty and use balls as well as clubs. Rings are nice in some of them.

There are more patterns already recorded and several not yet recorded that may find a spot in this workshop.
Please check out the tag "muggle-juggle" to find them!

Share with your friends and juggle together!

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