Passist – major update and discussion

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Hi passers

I’m happy to announce the release of a major update of passist [1].
The most important change is the added 3d animation for siteswaps.
It’s still far from complete but hopefully useful enough.

There were lots of other changes including the replacement of the underlying
javascript framework. Please tell me, if something does not correctly work
anymore for you. Meanwhile, the old code is still available on

Unfortunately I did not get around to work on the juggling interchange format (jif) [2]
since formulating the goals and first steps.

However, Lukas was kind enough to create a mailing list / google group to discuss further
development on the format. This way technical discussions about jif can be done among
those who are interested without spaming the main mailing list as last time.

Settings, as configured by Lukas:
– All emails are archived in the web interface and accessible to everyone,
even if they are not a group member or not logged into a Google account: [3]
– Sending emails to the list is only possible for group members. If you are member,
you can send emails to
– Becoming a group member does NOT require a Google account, but it requires
group owner approval to avoid spam bots. Follow this link to join: [4]

Many thanks to Lukas, and sorry it took me so long to even announce it.

Any help and inspiration on jif and passist is welcome!

Stay healthy


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