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PassOut Königswiesen, December 2019

Pattern type: other

This is one of the newest patterns to Europe (from Canada via the USA). It was taught by Peter from Winconsin at the PassOut 2019 to 2020 in Königswiesen, Austria. We are still debating the notation (so that may change), as the manipulation is quite unusual.

For juggling, carefully watch the video. The pattern has a “North Wall” side, and all carries happen on that side. In the video, it is the wall side (away from the camera). The pattern starts also on the wall side: Juggler A starts with 2 wallside clubs: straight pass (wall), straight pass (not wall) and carry (wall). Juggler C starts simultaneously with 2 clubs wallside: self (wall), crossing zap (not wall) and crossing zap (wall). For successfully running this pattern it is super important to pass really quick, flat zaps and high, floaty passes. It is also important that C does another wall-side self before the 2 zaps. This self is not triggered by an arriving club (as the carry is still on its way).

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