What is passing.zone about?

Passing.zone is about closing the (huge) gap between normal passers and the 'expert' passers who invent new passing patterns all the time.
So, passing.zone collects videos of passing patterns (old and new ones), notation, and theory. There is also a collection of linked resources like pattern collections and lists.
The newest features are the convention calendars, embedded from the google calendars managed by York Jugglers and the interactive map of juggling clubs worldwide (well, mostly middle Europe at the moment...)
Additionally, passing.zone crew teach lots of passing workshops at each EJC, BJC and many other conventions.



Portrait Juli


WebMasterMind & eager monkey

That's obviously not everyone!
There are many people in the background who help with theory and notation, server management and video editing.
There are people inventing patterns, people filming, editing and uploading videos, many people teaching workshops, workshop monkeys...


...Andi, who started the passing.zone and covers the hosting.

...Nicki, who teaches many workshops, always includes new people and also uploads many pattern videos.