What is passing​.zone about?

Passing​.zone is about clos­ing the (huge) gap between nor­mal pass­ers and the 'expert' pass­ers who invent new passing pat­terns all the time.

So, passing​.zone col­lects videos of passing pat­terns (old and new ones), nota­tion, and the­ory. There is also a col­lec­tion of linked resources like pat­tern col­lec­tions and lists.

Addi­tion­ally, passing​.zone crew teach lots of passing work­shops at each EJC, BJC and many oth­er con­ven­tions.

Who are "the crew"?

Good ques­tion!

There are people invent­ing pat­terns, people film­ing, edit­ing and upload­ing videos, many people teach­ing work­shops, mon­keys…

Well. Some of us got a pic and a page here, oth­ers don´t. If you want one, text me!


Portrait Juli


Web­Mas­ter­Mind & pro­fes­sion­elles Äffchen

  • 03 Janu­ary 2013

    First page launch

    The pre­de­cessor of passing​.zone goes live: www​.jon​glier​en​-in​-ulm​.de, a page mostly ded­ic­ated to get­ting a jug­gling club run­ning in Ulm, Ger­many.

  • 18 Novem­ber 2013

    First video

    A first video is taken and uploaded. Want to see?
    MS Club Spir­it

  • 22 Septem­ber 2014

    Meeting the nerds

    Juli went to J-Fest, the Turk­ish jug­gling con­ven­tion in 2014. Met Brook, Becky & Ben. Learned lots of pat­terns, still did not under­stand much of what they were telling her.

  • 27 Decem­ber 2014

    Juli´s first PassOut

    WOW! What a mind­blow­ing exper­inence. Didn´t get half of what the nerdy nerds were telling me…

  • 03 March 2015

    Pattern videos

    As Juli learns best from videos, she takes more of them. Her crew from Ulm does not join many con­ven­tions, so she pub­lishes pat­tern videos for her­self to remem­ber and for them to learn.

  • 09 Octo­ber 2017


    Juli moves to Munich and learns more about web design. Andi gives her the passing​.zone to play…

  • 02 April 2018


    In time for BJC 2018, a first ver­sion of pz goes live