What is passing​.zone about?

Passing​.zone is about clos­ing the (huge) gap between nor­mal pass­ers and the 'expert' pass­ers who invent new passing pat­terns all the time.
So, passing​.zone col­lects videos of passing pat­terns (old and new ones), nota­tion, and the­ory. There is also a col­lec­tion of linked resources like pat­tern col­lec­tions and lists.
Addi­tion­ally, passing​.zone crew teach lots of passing work­shops at each EJC, BJC and many oth­er con­ven­tions.



Portrait Juli


Web­Mas­ter­Mind & eager mon­key

That´s obvi­ously not every­one!
There are many people in the back­ground who help with the­ory and nota­tion, serv­er man­age­ment and video edit­ing.
There are people invent­ing pat­terns, people film­ing, edit­ing and upload­ing videos, many people teach­ing work­shops, mon­keys…

Well. Some of us got a pic and a page here, oth­ers don´t.