3-handed siteswaps

3-handed siteswaps are generated mostly the same way as 4-handed ones – just 1 hand always has a “0”. As 0 is an empty hand in siteswap, the hand with always 0 won’t do anything in the pattern. At the Israeli juggling convention in 2022, we had a very sad reason to develop the idea …

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Zaps in 4-handed Siteswaps

The workshop is meant for beginners at 4-handed Siteswaps or Zaps (or both). The six patterns of the workshop use 4-6 clubs and also contain single passes, zips and a few Flips (4).

Hijacking in period 3, 5 and 7

In passing, hijacking is where one passer decides to change what pattern they are passing and their actions transitions their partner into a compatible pattern. Collectively these are also known as “programming” because you are programming your partner. Most people use programming and hijacking interchangeably.

Workshop: Improving zaps

This workshop was taught at CoastCon 2016 by Brook and Nicki and focuses – surprise – on zaps. Zaps can be a bit tricky to throw and catch, but they are also great fun. This workshop is meant for jugglers who are already quite solid on passing and heffs and work on their zaps in …

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Mission Impossible Workshop

“Takeouts or stealing patterns have been around for a long time already and are still very popular. Yet, working with even newly created takeout patterns feels like doing the same fourcount based patterns over and over again. We propose to break this stagnation by leveraging Prechac based patterns and make both passers and manipulators do …

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‘Minis’ Workshop EJC Millstreet 2014

At the EJC 2014 in Millstreet, Ireland, Anni and Tine gave a very nice workshop for ‘Minis’ – passing patterns with less than 3 clubs per person. There is a quite easy 4 club pattern for 2 people, 3p 2 2p 1 (“Benni”) which was also in the ‘Minis’ workshop at the 2014 Berlin convention. The second one is a much harder 5 club pattern for 2 people, 3p 1 2 4. For that one, I included 2 exercises in the video.

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