Brook on passing 4-handed siteswaps

Brook Roberts´ art­icle on passing 4-handed siteswaps in the EJA ezine eJuggle: Brook on passing #1: Passing siteswaps with 5 clubs (con­tains descrip­tions of pat­terns like Parsnip, 5 club WhyNot and Not­Why as well as short videos and advice for learning/​teaching)

4-handed Siteswaps

Passing: If you stay inside the vanilla restric­tion, you´ll get 4 handed siteswaps with hands throw­ing altern­ately. This means, a 4 handed 'glob­al' siteswap sequence gives you the throws for right hand jug­gler 1, right hand jug­gler 2, left hand jug­gler 1, left hand jug­gler 2 and again. So, jug­gler 2 starts half a beat after jug­gler 1 and they nev­er …

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2-handed Siteswap

Let´s start easy, funny and enter­tain­ing with vanilla siteswap, explained at the 'Nerd Nite' in Mag­de­burg, Novem­ber 2014 by Alex­an­der Ley­mann (in Ger­man, but the slides are very use­ful!) If you prefer fur­ther read­ing, here is the link to Allen Knut­sons Siteswap FAQ If you think you got everything he said, you should be able …

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