Crossed 3V

Yes, it is possible to combine crossed scrambleds. And it’s much more fun because you do all the parts of the pattern whilst the four-person patterns are a bit one-sided. Here you can see the combination of crossed V and crossed 3.

If you want to make it easier, you can go in the other direction instead of running around the feeder.

As in all the crossed scrambleds there is this one extra self to make the pattern ambidextrous.

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Clean your Clubs!

Playing around with the “Ice Cream Factory” that is “Ivy” on “V”, we noticed a “magic club” that is never thrown. Usually that means we´ll get the beer out, soon… Well, there being a pandemic on the go, we decided to not break all rules and drink from a single bottle but to rather clean our clubs before handing them to the next person. Enjoy!

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Kittens is a pattern from a very small passing convention in Perth, Australia in 2012. Havana feed was popular there and them and some jugglers invented a way to put a manipulator in.

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cAsBiA on Anna-Maria

I´m getting closer to my goal of having juggled all 27 scrambled variations in time for next year´s EJC. Actually, I juggled more than half of them, already, and I´m very motivated for the others – so if you want to learn a new scrambled, just chat to me…
Now, people are distracting me with their wish to combine scrambleds in previously unknown ways…challenge accepted! Here we combined #1.2 cAsBiA with #3.1, which we named “Anna-Maria” in honor of Annchen´s and Berengar´s daughter.

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