When there´s "I" on this page, that´s most prob­ably me, Juli. Many parts of this page are adap­ted from my old page, that was more of a passing blog. I am not motiv­ated to edit the "I" out of every post … so just check the author´s byline to know who´s writ­ing.

Since ejc 2017, I have also been known as "Black Kitty", due to a hat with cute kitty ears. I teach a lot of work­shops and demo in even more.

I speak Ger­man and Eng­lish, so come and chat to me!

Why did I start the Passing​.zone?

There are sev­er­al com­munit­ies around jug­gling – many of them on Face­book. Face­book is rightly cri­ti­cised for their hand­ling of per­son­al data and while I am still a mem­ber, I don´t judge any­one for not being there.

Then, there are semi-offi­cial mail­ing lists and semi-secret passing con­ven­tions big and small. I myself feel priv­ileged to get invited to some of them. I abso­lutely under­stand the need to keep a small and famil­i­ar core group of pass­ers. There will always be loy­al­ties and friend­ships that don´t bear a big pub­lic. Plus, it is best to try new or com­plic­ated pat­terns in small groups of very advanced pass­ers.

The Passing​.zone makes advanced passing patterns available to jugglers around the world

I was look­ing for a way to make passing know­ledge and pat­terns more widely avail­able. Every pass­er knows the sink­ing feel­ing of enter­ing a gym at any jug­gling club or con­ven­tion and either no one is passing or, people only know to pass 4‑count and maybe 3‑count. Many jug­glers say: "Well, passing is fun, but it gets bor­ing so fast". On the oth­er hand, passing work­shops at con­ven­tions tend to be crowded!

So, I´d like to help jug­glers who are inter­ested in advanced passing but do not go to many con­ven­tions, do not have an advanced pass­er at their jug­gling club and do not flu­ently read nota­tion.

There­fore, I star­ted find­ing oth­er pass­ers and tak­ing videos of dif­fer­ent pat­terns in 2014. Sev­er­al jug­gling clubs watched and liked my videos and finally con­tac­ted me, ask­ing for more pat­terns, for more advice and for work­shops at their con­ven­tions.

Now, that I know a lot more about web design than before, togeth­er with my friend and boss Andi, I star­ted the passing​.zone!