When there's "I" on this page, that's most probably me, Juli. Many parts of this page are adapted from my old page, that was more of a passing blog. I am not motivated to edit the "I" out of every post ... so just check the author's byline to know who's writing.

Since ejc 2017, I have also been known as "Black Kitty", due to a hat with cute kitty ears. I teach a lot of workshops and demo in even more.

I speak German and English, so come chat to me!

Why did I start the Passing.zone?

There are several communities around juggling - many of them on Facebook. Facebook is rightly criticised for their handling of personal data and while I am still a member, I don't judge anyone for not being there.

Then, there are semi-official mailing lists and semi-secret passing conventions big and small. I myself feel privileged to get invited to some of them. I absolutely understand the need to keep a small and familiar core group of passers. There will always be loyalties and friendships that don't bear a big public. Plus, it is best to try new or complicated patterns in small groups of very advanced passers.

The Passing.zone makes advanced passing patterns available to jugglers around the world

I was looking for a way to make passing knowledge and patterns more widely available. Every passer knows the sinking feeling of entering a gym at any juggling club or convention and either no one is passing or, people only know to pass 4-count and maybe 3-count. Many jugglers say: "Well, passing is fun, but it gets boring so fast". On the other hand, passing workshops at conventions tend to be crowded!

So, I'd like to help jugglers who are interested in advanced passing but do not go to many conventions, do not have an advanced passer at their juggling club and do not fluently read notation.

Therefore, I started finding other passers and taking videos of different patterns in 2014. Several juggling clubs watched and liked my videos and finally contacted me, asking for more patterns, for more advice and for workshops at their conventions.

Now, that I know a lot more about web design than before, together with my friend Andi, I started the passing.zone!