4-handed Siteswaps

If you stay inside the vanilla restriction, you´ll get 4 handed siteswaps with hands throwing alternately. This means, a 4 handed ‘global’ siteswap sequence gives you the throws for right hand juggler 1, right hand juggler 2, left hand juggler 1, left hand juggler 2 and again. So, juggler 2 starts half a beat after juggler 1 and they never throw at the same time.

2-handed Siteswap

Let´s start easy, funny and entertaining with vanilla siteswap, explained at the 'Nerd Nite' in Magdeburg, November 2014 by Alexander Leymann (in German, but the slides are very useful!). If you prefer further reading, here is the link to Allen Knutsons Siteswap FAQ