cAsBiA on Anna-Maria

I´m get­ting closer to my goal of hav­ing juggled all 27 scrambled vari­ations in time for next year´s EJC. Actu­ally, I juggled more than half of them, already, and I´m very motiv­ated for the oth­ers – so if you want to learn a new scrambled, just chat to me…
Now, people are dis­tract­ing me with their wish to com­bine scrambleds in pre­vi­ously unknown ways…challenge accep­ted! Here we com­bined #1.2 cAs­BiA with #3.1, which we named "Anna-Maria" in hon­or of Annchen´s and Berengar´s daugh­ter.

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STAR – you follow me?!

Anoth­er new pat­tern – don´t know where it comes from, actu­ally. It´s not Ed´s, this time, so I don´t have the nota­tion either. The base pat­tern is a 4 per­son shoot­ing star in 4count and with only 10 clubs. Before run­nig, each jug­gler passes until hav­ing only 1 (not 2) clubs left, then runs halfway to receice …

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