Crossed 3V

Yes, it is possible to combine crossed scrambleds. And it’s much more fun because you do all the parts of the pattern whilst the four-person patterns are a bit one-sided. Here you can see the combination of crossed V and crossed 3.

If you want to make it easier, you can go in the other direction instead of running around the feeder.

As in all the crossed scrambleds there is this one extra self to make the pattern ambidextrous.

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BrunEd is an ambidextrous 4-person manipulator pattern with five manipulation actions.
It is based on the idea of MinuEd, a three-person manipulation pattern based on Pass Pass Self, which was invented by Ed Clark back in 2015. The base pattern is Brunos Nightmare in Pass Pass Self.

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Kennedy – Helicopter version

Not the newest, but still a nice Pattern for 4 jugglers. 🙂
It’s called Kennedy and there are two versions available. They are similar but some actions take part at different time. This is the “Helicopter” version where the manipulator rotates while handing over a club to the other manipulator.
We couldn’t find a video of this variant somwhere online. So we filmed this one. We had a lot of fun filming it. 🙂

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