4-count Roundabout

On this years Aichtal Juggling Convention “Juggling Resort” Juli, Simon and I decided to give a Roundabout Workshop. We thought a lot of jugglers there would like this workshop.

We also made a workshop video with Maya instead of Simon so that participants or probably other jugglers have a good video for learning the roundabout.
4 – Count Roundabout is a relative easy to learn takeout passing pattern for three jugglers. It is a good start into the world of moving and manipulation patterns.

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Dolby 5.1 mit Einzel- und Doppelgänger (SGC9 2017)

Dolby 5.1 is a new one of Ed´s. As his shoulder damage prevents him from doing lots of right-handed singel passes, he invented a beginner´s pattern on 5-count: Dolby 5.1! Counting to 5 needs getting used to, but otherwise it´s great: ambidextrous and still not at all hard. Download Dolby 5.1 notation Download Dolby 5.1 … Read more

Mission Impossible Workshop (Passout 2016-2017 Cambridge)

“Takeouts or stealing patterns have been around for a long time already and are still very popular. Yet, working with even newly created takeout patterns feels like doing the same fourcount based patterns over and over again. We propose to break this stagnation by leveraging Prechac based patterns and make both passers and manipulators do … Read more