Single Double Zip (972) Moosach 2016

Munich and Ulm cooperating (even more than usual) for this one: a period 3, 4-handed siteswap passing: cute pattern & easy on the brain. Feels funny juggling. You should be able to throw clean double passes, though! To me, it looks strange to see myself passing – after all those Minis and manipulation stuff and … Read more

2-handed Siteswap

Let´s start easy, funny and entertaining with vanilla siteswap, explained at the ‘Nerd Nite’ in Magdeburg, November 2014 by Alexander Leymann (in German, but the slides are very useful!) If you prefer further reading, here is the link to Allen Knutsons Siteswap FAQ If you think you got everything he said, you should be able … Read more