Take-Outs in 4‑handed siteswaps

CoastlessCon, July 2019

At the last Pas­sout in Krelin­gen Chris­ti­an from Pitt­s­burgh brought the idea of doing take-outs in a 4‑handed siteswap and work­shoped 726-about, "What's that about?" and "Manège à trois" (786-about), which I really enjoyed.

At Coast­lessCon 2019 in Göt­tin­gen Camer­on, Doreen and I tried to get the "Holy Grail – about" run­ning but found out, that it is incred­ibly hard, espe­cially because two of us are only used to juggle Holy Grail on one side. But you have to do both sides in those kind of pat­tern. There is always a cross­ing side and a straight side. And when you walked over, you have to switch.

That's why we decided to do easi­er pat­terns first: 756-about, 972-about, 777-about and 978-about.


As Camer­on and Brook taught in their Holy Grail Work­shop at the Pas­sout in König­swiesen 756 is one of the pat­terns you have to pratice, before you can go for the Holy Grail. You prac­tice the Zaps and you already have little stacks to one hand when you throw loc­ally Zap, Single, Self.

I liked this pat­tern very much. We got it run­ning quickly. If I remem­ber it cor­rectly, we got two rounds, unfor­tu­nately we didn't film it.

If you want to know to which hand you have to bring a club: Bring it to the same hand, where you have just thrown a Zap to.

972-about ("La Guillotine")

You might won­der about the name of the pat­tern, but if you juggle it the first time: Watch your head!

On video we got one full round for you:


To move on to a 7‑club base pat­tern we tried 7 club ulti­mates, which made a very nice walk­ing pat­tern, too. When you walk in and start to juggle, you throw 2 passes to the per­son stand­ing in the front and 6 passes to the per­son stand­ing behind the oth­er one, before you walk to the oth­er site again (to that side, where your last pass did not go!).


978 is an 8‑club pat­tern where you throw Single, Double, Heff loc­ally. But it's still much easi­er than the 7‑club pat­tern 975 (Holy Grail). So we tried to round-about this one too.

To do it you need 8 plus 1 club. It is a really hard pat­tern, the "Guil­lot­ine-throw" is still in the pat­tern and the Heff is being inter­cep­ted like in "Manège à trois".

We were happy to get at least a sixth of a round on video. 🙂

Holy Grail – about

Unfor­tu­nately the con­ven­tion was over before we could fin­ish this pro­ject. So we will see weth­er Chistian's pre­dic­tion comes true and the Holy Grail – about will be thrown before the end of the year. May be next week at the EJC in Newark?

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