Take-Outs in 4-handed siteswaps

CoastlessCon, July 2019

Pattern type: 4handed

756-about, 777-about, 972-about, 978-about

At the last Passout in Krelingen Christian from Pittsburgh brought the idea of doing take-outs in a 4-handed siteswap and workshoped 726-about, “What’s that about?” and “Manège à trois” (786-about), which I really enjoyed.

At CoastlessCon 2019 in Göttingen Cameron, Doreen and I tried to get the “Holy Grail – about” running but found out, that it is incredibly hard, especially because two of us are only used to juggle Holy Grail on one side. But you have to do both sides in those kind of pattern. There is always a crossing side and a straight side. And when you walked over, you have to switch.

That’s why we decided to do easier patterns first: 756-about, 972-about, 777-about and 978-about.


As Cameron and Brook taught in their Holy Grail Workshop at the Passout in Königswiesen 756 is one of the patterns you have to pratice, before you can go for the Holy Grail. You practice the Zaps and you already have little stacks to one hand when you throw locally Zap, Single, Self.

I liked this pattern very much. We got it running quickly. If I remember it correctly, we got two rounds, unfortunately we didn’t film it.

If you want to know to which hand you have to bring a club: Bring it to the same hand, where you have just thrown a Zap to.

972-about (“La Guillotine”)

You might wonder about the name of the pattern, but if you juggle it the first time: Watch your head!

On video we got one full round for you:


To move on to a 7-club base pattern we tried 7 club ultimates, which made a very nice walking pattern, too. When you walk in and start to juggle, you throw 2 passes to the person standing in the front and 6 passes to the person standing behind the other one, before you walk to the other site again (to that side, where your last pass did not go!).


978 is an 8-club pattern where you throw Single, Double, Heff locally. But it’s still much easier than the 7-club pattern 975 (Holy Grail). So we tried to round-about this one too.

To do it you need 8 plus 1 club. It is a really hard pattern, the “Guillotine-throw” is still in the pattern and the Heff is being intercepted like in “Manège à trois”.

We were happy to get at least a sixth of a round on video. 🙂

Holy Grail – about

Unfortunately the convention was over before we could finish this project. So we will see wether Chistian’s prediction comes true and the Holy Grail – about will be thrown before the end of the year. May be next week at the EJC in Newark?

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