Hijacking in period 3, 5 and 7

In passing, hijack­ing is where one pass­er decides to change what pat­tern they are passing and their actions trans­itions their part­ner into a com­pat­ible pat­tern. One pass­er is mak­ing an act­ive choice, the oth­er is pass­ively respond­ing. All trans­itions involve chan­ging how many clubs are being juggled loc­ally by +/- 1 club (assum­ing the pass­ive part­ner makes …

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Ambled 3

Scrambled 3 with an extra club. Note that when C would do L:4x, R:2, R:4p in oth­er ambled pat­terns to switch sides, here the neces­sity to do two right hands in a row is solved dif­fer­ently L:3, R:5px, R:2. The pass is sub­sti­tuted, but it is a 5px which is why the manip­u­lat­or has it for so long that they have to do a self and inter­cept before they deliv­er the 5px.

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