Chop About

ChopAbout is a manipulation based on 4-count. In the base version in this video, the manipulator turns 2.5times in the middle – 4.5 rotations are possible…

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La vache qui rit

La vache qui rit is a pattern by Turtur. It´s asymmetric and still both-handed. The clubs of each color always do the same. It´s fun and not too hard to juggle, provided none of the passers get stressed and speed up.

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Scrambled V – mirrored

This standard scrambled V is mirrored or as Ed calls it, flipped. All the passes and manipulation are on the left hand and we also walk in the 'wrong' direction. For fun, you can watch the video in mirrortube, it looks like a 'normal' Scrambled V, then. Juggled at PassOut 2014-2015 in Someren.