juggled @ Tadah artist habitat, Turkey, August 2018

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A goofy vari­ation of the clas­sic round­about where the manip­u­lat­ors dra­mat­ic­ally fling them­selves into a pool. In order to allow for enough time to climb back out of the water, we added 2 extra manip­u­lat­ors that take over in the mean­time.

With the stand­ard 4‑count round­about and water on only one side, the fling­ing only works prop­erly on one side of the pat­tern, so we added an extra pass after the self is sub­sti­tuted (the jump­ing off part). The pat­tern now ambi­dex­trous and altern­ates between 5‑count and 4‑count.

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