Hamburg Convention 10/18

Pattern type: 4handed

A nice synchronous 7 club passing pattern.

Generated by Tillmanns Siteswap Generator App 🙂 (https://goo.gl/HrgkoD) (11/2018: Official App in store atm not supports generation of synchronous siteswaps. But Tillmann finished it. So I guess it will be available soon)

The patterns is:

Global: 7786786786: [6p8p] [86][6p8][86]


A: 3s 4 3s 3 4 (4 clubs)

B: 4x 3 4 4x 3 (3 clubs)

This is how the app generates it but Andi and I found out that it is easyier to start the pattern at the end. (With the heff/self).

Thx for watching.

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Music: DJ Sickle – Dub Stylee

Juggled @ Hamburg Convention 2018

Jugglers: Andi, Hoschy

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