A Walk in the Pattern

Findet MEMO Convention Würzburg, Germany, November 2018

A walk in the pat­tern is a com­bin­a­tion of scrambled sAiBcA and B (iBcBsA). This is a com­bin­a­tion that was deemed "impossible" because both manip­u­lat­ors inter­act with B on beat 2 and with A on beat 3.

In prac­tise, this leads to a very nice walk­ing motion: On beat 1, the B manip­u­lat­or inter­cepts the pass from A to B and the Saibca manip­u­lat­or sub­sti­tutes from B to a (hand­back). No inter­ac­tion so far…
On beat 2, the Saibca manip­u­lat­or inter­cepts a self of B (and becomes B). So, the B manip­u­lat­or who inter­cep­ted the pass on beat 1 stays manip­u­lat­ing. He can´t turn out and become B as he is again inter­cep­ted on beat 2. The B manip­u­lat­or leads the (new) Saibca manip­u­lat­or towards their com­mon goal: A, giv­ing him anoth­er club. Arriv­ing at A, the Saibca manip­u­lat­or per­forms his beat 3 action: carry to A. Then, he imme­di­ately inter­cepts the pass from (just turned) A to B (but, of course, does not become B), he becomes the new B manip­u­lat­or. The B manip­u­lat­or does not per­form his beat 3 action (sA) as A is get­ting a carry from the oth­er manip­u­lat­or.

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