21. Jonglierfestival Freiburg

This year's Freiburg Jug­gling Fest­iv­al was themed for "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" by Douglas Adams and it was, again, just amaz­ing! After a very rainy and cold spring so far, the "Flaw­less Per­fect Weath­er Gen­er­at­or" was geared up by the Orga and provided sun­shine, per­fect tem­per­at­ures day and night and a great atmo­sphere. The lake was refresh­ingly cool and there were enough shady spots for jug­gling and chil­lin'.

Passing zone Work­shops by Stella, Hoschy, Simon & Juli:

  • "Saufen beim Passing" (Drink­ing pat­terns) Vol. alc. 1
    • Floyd
    • French drink­ing
    • Menage á trois
  • "Saufen beim Passing" (Drink­ing pat­terns) Vol. alc. 2

New, funny "Chop­sticks" vari­ation "The Backcatcher's Guide to Chop­sticks"

A link to the awe­some gala show "JANUS"

And Neddi's super nice con­ven­tion review with pho­tos on "NEDDI BLOG­GT"

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