55244 (PSPSS CK#1)

Martin and me got a little crazy at the Super Juggling convention and are now planning to juggle and tape some patterns from Christian Kästner´s compatible siteswaps list. As far as we can, anyway. Here´s our first – an easy 4 club one to practise zaps and flips. And yes, that´s Martin at the guitar.

4-handed Siteswaps

If you stay inside the vanilla restriction, you´ll get 4 handed siteswaps with hands throwing alternately. This means, a 4 handed ‘global’ siteswap sequence gives you the throws for right hand juggler 1, right hand juggler 2, left hand juggler 1, left hand juggler 2 and again. So, juggler 2 starts half a beat after juggler 1 and they never throw at the same time.

Compatible siteswaps list by Christian Kästner

Different 4 handed siteswaps are compatible, meaning that juggler 1 can do a different pattern than juggler 2 – that´s especially great for juggling groups of mixed skills – better jugglers can pass a difficult pattern against an easy one. Christian Kästner compiled an online, searchable list of compatible 4 handed siteswaps.

Martins 1-count feed

Pass pass pass pass zip feeding 2 jugglers doing pass self pass heff zip, feeder doing tramline passes, feedies cross passes. Start: Feeder has 4 clubs, starting first the left and then the right feedie with pass pass pass pass zip with inside passes, then switching to 4 outside passes after the zip, again starting …

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