Easy 3 Clubs Warmup (1.5p)

A super easy warmup for beginner (club) jugglers who want to feel out clubs. No juggling skills required! This is usually the first pattern in our Workshop “Passing for Non-Jugglers”. It shows half-turns (flips) in “spin” and “anti-spin” direction and gives a feeling for the clubs center of gravity and rotation properties.

3p 1 1 2 3 2p “Stella”

This is one tough Mini! Stella and Juli learned the siteswap at the 2013 ejc in Toulouse in the “Minis”-workshop by Tine and Doreen. We couldn´t juggle it, of course. So we practised. And practised. And practised more. And then some. Stella went to Madagaskar. She came back. We practised. Stella went to Edinburgh. She came back – we did it! Finally! Yay!

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