Ambled Double Trouble (2 substitutes!)

Allgäu Passing Convention, October 2019

This Ambled pat­tern has its carry and inter­cept in the same loc­a­tion as the clas­sic Ambled V, but in between there are two sub­sti­tu­tions that were nev­er seen before! To make time for them, the manip­u­lat­or M needs to do 2 "time travels", first with B, then with A:

  1. M arrives in front of the jug­gler hold­ing 2 clubs.
  2. The jug­gler throws a zappy pass to M.
  3. M responds with a zappy pass from their right hand to the juggler's left hand.
  4. M zips the club in their left hand to their right hand.
  5. M catches the juggler's pass in their left hand.
  6. M pro­ceeds to their next instruc­tion.

All of this hap­pens quite quickly.

This pat­tern com­bines pat­terns #3.1 and #3.3 from the Ambled V Vari­ations spread­sheet.

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