Ambled Double Trouble (2 substitutes!)

Allgäu Passing Convention, October 2019

Pattern type: takeout

This Ambled pattern has its carry and intercept in the same location as the classic Ambled V, but in between there are two substitutions that were never seen before! To make time for them, the manipulator M needs to do 2 “time travels”, first with B, then with A:

  1. M arrives in front of the juggler holding 2 clubs.
  2. The juggler throws a zappy pass to M.
  3. M responds with a zappy pass from their right hand to the juggler’s left hand.
  4. M zips the club in their left hand to their right hand.
  5. M catches the juggler’s pass in their left hand.
  6. M proceeds to their next instruction.

All of this happens quite quickly.

This pattern combines patterns #3.1 and #3.3 from the Ambled V Variations spreadsheet.

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