Bamboozled Panto

SGC10 Göttingen, October 2018

Pattern type:

“Bamboozled” Panto…. we meant to amble Panto but with 11 clubs, there always seemed to be a club missing somewhere. So, we added another club. It worked. We were not sure WHY it worked (and why the 11 club “ambled” did not work) so we named it bamboozled. It´s fun and not too hard!

Update: By now, we have figured out how Ambled Panto works, check it out!

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2 thoughts on “Bamboozled Panto”

    • A little closer to what we do in practice would be two “2.5p” instead of a “3px” and “2p” (shift D’s beats 2 and 3 to the left by half a beat). But mixing synchronous and asynchronous notation doesn’t fit the table nicely …

      Also with respect to timing (at least the way Juli & me did it), you almost wait a full beat as the manipulator after C’s zap to you before throwing your left-handed self (on beat 2), while your responding zap to C (on beat 3) is noticeably faster and they throw their left-handed self kinda at the same time.


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