Bamboozled Panto

SGC10 Göttingen, October 2018

"Bam­boozled" Panto.… we meant to amble Panto but with 11 clubs, there always seemed to be a club miss­ing some­where. So, we added anoth­er club. It worked. We were not sure WHY it worked (and why the 11 club "ambled" did not work) so we named it bam­boozled. It´s fun and not too hard!

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2 thoughts on “Bamboozled Panto”

    • A little closer to what we do in prac­tice would be two "2.5p" instead of a "3px" and "2p" (shift D's beats 2 and 3 to the left by half a beat). But mix­ing syn­chron­ous and asyn­chron­ous nota­tion doesn't fit the table nicely …

      Also with respect to tim­ing (at least the way Juli & me did it), you almost wait a full beat as the manip­u­lat­or after C's zap to you before throw­ing your left-handed self (on beat 2), while your respond­ing zap to C (on beat 3) is notice­ably faster and they throw their left-handed self kinda at the same time.

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