BJC 2018 Canterbury

Awe­some! First BJC for Juli and also for Stella. We´ll be back for sure!
For a very nice and detailed (Ger­man lan­guage) review of the BJC 2018, take a look at Ned­dis Blog!

We came from Stut­tgart by car, Juli driv­ing with Lukas & Stephan as pas­sen­gers and we got used to left-hand sided traffic pretty fast. Juli was mostly afraid of her first ride on a car ferry. As the drive­ways were huge she man­aged fine… Hav­ing a car on hand, we took the chance to vis­it the white cliffs of Dover on a sur­pris­ingly mild and sunny Thursday. They were awe­some – I abso­lutely recom­mend you to go there!

It was thanks to Iain Mur­ray, Stella and Juli gave a work­shop on side-by-side passing pat­terns on Sat­urday night – and man, was it crowded!!!
Thanks to all who were there for com­ing and try­ing the pat­terns. We were told later that it was impossible to under­stand what we were say­ing and that we did not man­age to teach every­one very well. Please accept our apo­lo­gies!
We took video foot­age of both pat­terns at Dream­land – so every­one gets a chance at watch­ing us juggle again and ask all the ques­tions that could not be asked dur­ing the work­shop!

Pat­tern 1: 4 2p 1 1p "Malte"

Pat­tern 2: 3 3p 3p 3 0 0 "Nico"

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