BJC 2018 Canterbury

Awesome! First BJC for Juli and also for Stella. We´ll be back for sure!
For a very nice and detailed (German language) review of the BJC 2018, take a look at Neddis Blog!

We came from Stuttgart by car, Juli driving with Lukas & Stephan as passengers and we got used to left-hand sided traffic pretty fast. Juli was mostly afraid of her first ride on a car ferry. As the driveways were huge she managed fine… Having a car on hand, we took the chance to visit the white cliffs of Dover on a surprisingly mild and sunny Thursday. They were awesome – I absolutely recommend you to go there!

It was thanks to Iain Murray, Stella and Juli gave a workshop on side-by-side passing patterns on Saturday night – and man, was it crowded!!!
Thanks to all who were there for coming and trying the patterns. We were told later that it was impossible to understand what we were saying and that we did not manage to teach everyone very well. Please accept our apologies!
We took video footage of both patterns at Dreamland – so everyone gets a chance at watching us juggle again and ask all the questions that could not be asked during the workshop!

Pattern 1: 4 2p 1 1p “Malte”

Pattern 2: 3 3p 3p 3 0 0 “Nico”

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