Passist – major update and discussion

Hi passers I’m happy to announce the release of a major update of passist [1]. The most important change is the added 3d animation for siteswaps. It’s still far from complete but hopefully useful enough. There were lots of other changes including the replacement of the underlying javascript framework. Please tell me, if something does …

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Connect Circus

Connect Circus website Luca Pferdmenges build a website collecting contact data of jugglers worldwide. It’s free to register and use and probably super useful for travelers. His launch post on Facebook reads like this: The world map feature and the country pages are password secured. To receive the passwords, use the ”JOIN NOW“ option on …

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Lukas´ambled sheet

Lukas and also Adrian have spent some time and thought on ambled Variations. The result is a new way to think about scrambled and ambled variations – and a new table with 38 ambleds.

Juggling Graphics

It serves absolutely no purpose other than to draw pretty pictures of siteswaps — but that’s more than good enough for me! – Greg Philips

The Highgate Collection

The great book of passing patterns for 2-4 people, compiled by Aidan Burns. This book explains patterns in ladder diagrams as well as in plain text and includes more drawings for complicated patterns.

List of Scrambled V variations

The first and original Scrambled V was developed by the Biowup group in Hilden, Germany. Aidan Burns found a clever way to not only describe the already existing pattern, but to work out 27 possible variations. Here´s a Google sheet complete with video links.