Tilman´s Android App for Siteswap Generation

I programmed an Android App for passing Siteswap generation and just finished the first release. The following features at are supported at the moment: Find all possible Siteswaps for a given period length and number of objects Easy filtering of zips, zaps and holds via check boxes Automatic filtering of non-passable patterns Support for pattern … Read more

Takeouts “How to steal from your friends”

This guide by Aidan Burns attempts to explain takeout patterns for three to six people. It contains the classic patterns: roundabout, scrambled v, chopabout, Dolby s’oround, three count roundabout and shooting star with roundabout. These classic patterns inspired the rest of the patterns in this guide, including the five person scrambled v variations and ambidextrous … Read more

Compatible siteswaps list by Christian Kästner

Different 4 handed siteswaps are compatible, meaning that juggler 1 can do a different pattern than juggler 2 – that´s especially great for juggling groups of mixed skills – better jugglers can pass a difficult pattern against an easy one. Christian Kästner compiled an online, searchable list of compatible 4 handed siteswaps. In this list, … Read more