Champi mit Doppelganger

Jonglierfeschdle Aichtal, April 2019

Pattern type: takeout

“Doppelganger” patterns are the rage right now: A second manipulator is added to a 3 juggler pattern. The second manipultor does not “follow” the first, but is synchronized with them. They do the same manipulation on the same hand at the same time, to different passers.

“Doppelganger” patterns are fun!

  • the ratio of manipulation to juggling time is increased
  • no passes – no risk of getting hit
  • 8 clubs and 8 hands – should be easy, right?

In real juggling, “Doppelganger” patterns are often not that easy. Timing is a huge issue, especially as there are only as many clubs as there are hands. Also, it may be challengign to avoid running into the other manipulator. I still strongly recommend you to try them!

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