ChampV mit Doppelgänger

Allgäu Passing Convention, October 2019

Down­load ChampV mit Dop­pel­gänger Nota­tion

ChampV mit Doppelgänger

You get this funny pat­tern, if you do Cameron's ChampV with a second manip­u­lat­or.
It get's easi­er than the three per­son pat­tern for the fol­low­ing reas­ons.

  • The peri­od get's much short­er: the pat­tern repeats after 10 beats. ChampV repeats after 15 beats on the oth­er hand, which makes 30 beats in total.
  • Two people only throw right handed chops and passes (Kathi and Phil­ipp start­ing as pass­ers with the green clubs in the video), the oth­er two only throw left handed chops and passes.
  • There only 8 clubs for 8 hands, which gives you the pos­sib­il­ity to pause at some point and do funny things like pirou­ettes or extra flips.

We juggled it for the first time at Allgäu Pass Con­ven­tion 2019.
And it was so much fun that we simply had to film it. :o)

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