ChampV mit Doppelgänger

Allgäu Passing Convention, October 2019

Pattern type: takeout

Download ChampV mit Doppelgänger Notation

ChampV mit Doppelgänger

You get this funny pattern, if you do Cameron’s ChampV with a second manipulator.
It gets easier than the three person pattern for the following reasons.

  • The period gets much shorter: the pattern repeats after 10 beats. ChampV repeats after 15 beats on the other hand, which makes 30 beats in total.
  • Two people only throw right handed chops and passes (Kathi and Philip starting as passers with the green clubs in the video), the other two only throw left handed chops and passes.
  • There only 8 clubs for 8 hands, which gives you the possibility to pause at some point and do funny things like pirouettes or extra flips.

We juggled it for the first time at Allgäu Pass Convention 2019.
And it was so much fun that we simply had to film it. :o)

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