Clean your Clubs!

Göttingen, July 2020

Pattern type: takeout

Playing around with the “Ice Cream Factory” that is “Ivy” on “V”, we noticed a “magic club” that is never thrown. Usually that means we´ll get the beer out, soon… Well, there being a pandemic on the go, we decided to not break all rules and drink from a single bottle but to rather clean our clubs before handing them to the next person. Enjoy!

Scrambled #2.3 “Ivy” (cC sC iA) is basically just a roundabout to C. So it fits well with many scrambleds that leave C alone and is especially interesting with “V” (#1.8, cB sB iC), that has an intercept C on beat 3. The “double intercept” leaves the V-Manipulator being given another club, ice cream or cleaning cloth, becoming the Ivy-Manipulator.

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