Colored passing

REJ Training Neuss Weckhoven 08/18

Pattern type:

A nice and funny “pattern”. Its a bit more like a concentration game 😉

You have one leading juggler and the second one reacts to the passes the leader throws. Each color has its own count. In this video our “contract” is:

yellow – 5 count
white – 4 count
green – 3 count
orange – 2 count

It is up to you to make your own “contract”. You can mix from two colors with two counts up to six colors with six different counts. (But 6 count is not that interesting. So better take a second of another count of your choice). There is no clear start. Just try it out. Sometimes you get stuck in a really short loop or in an normal 3 count. You can try to break it when the leader throws an cross double pass. Have fun.

For the people they were in the workshop. Sorry that it took a bit longer.

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Music: Evidence – Ragtime Instrumental
Juggled @ REJ Training Neuss Weckhoven
Jugglers: Simon & Hoschy

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