Crossed 3

juggled @ Halloween Passing München 2020

Pattern type: takeout

Jenny had the idea of a new twist on the classic Scrambled V patterns: The juggler walking over to change the feeder now walks through the pattern to the other side, instead of around the outside. In other words, B walks to stand by A’s right, not to A’s left.

This creates a mirrored version of the feed (with A’, B’ and C’). To keep the manipulation more similar to the original, we decided to also flip the hands: Passes are thrown from the left hand, and the manipulator is left-handed, too. Essentially, we are continuously switching between a mirrored Scrambled 3 and a “normal” one.

To switch between the hands, there is an extra self at the end of each transition. The feeder does one 3-count, the feedies do one 5-count. We found that counting out loudly helped: “1 —- 2 —- 3 self self”

You can (in theory) combine this style of walking with any of the 27 Scrambled manipulations, creating a new family of ambidextrous Scrambled patterns!

Tips for all Crossed patterns:

  • 2 people will always do the left-handed manipulation, 2 people always the right-handed manipulation.
  • You will walk through the room, because the transition always shifts the pattern in the same direction.

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