Drop am See 2018

An awe­some site (and sight) right at the beach of Lake Kon­stanz, great weath­er (save for the little thun­der­storm on Thursday night) and many pass­ers – what more does a jug­gler need?

An omen in the sky? There we go!

As the con­ven­tion went for 4 days and there were so many motiv­ated pass­ers, we taught 3 work­shops:

  • La vache qui rit – again.
    Believe me or not, I´m still asked to teach this one again at Ber­lin­JC!!!

I was really impressed by the grit and hard work put into these pat­terns by many people. Wherever I went on the con­ven­tion, jug­glers were passing "La vache qui rit" or try­ing the minis. Also, Michel & Jas­min from Bayreuth motiv­ated me a lot as they recently found the passing​.zone online and they seem to love it.

I will try to fill in the miss­ing videos asap – if you want to help, please drop me a line to juli@​passing.​zone!

Share with your friends and juggle together!

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