Dumb Ways to Die

Coastless Con Göttingen 2022

Pattern type: takeout

‘Dumb ways to die’ is a new 4 person manipulator pattern invented by Ed that is based on the civil war feed. Watch out for some dangerous passes throughout the pattern.

The base pattern – civil war feed – is a pass-pass-self feed in which the feeder distributes the passes to their feedies following the mantra inside-inside-outside-outside-outside-outside-inside-inside.
Inside meaning the feeders pass crosses to the hand of the feedie that is on the inside of the pattern (B’s left and C’s right), whereas outside passes stay on the outside of the pattern (B’s right and C’s left). This means some sets of passes go to B first and C second and some to C first and B second. All passes are thrown from the right hand into the left or vice versa.

For the feedies that results in a pattern of 3 count – 2 count – 3 count – 4 count. The four count is always on the left hand whereas the 2 count on the right. B starts with 3 count – 4 count. C starts with a self and then 3 count – 2 count.

The manipulation pattern includes 3 intercepts and 3 carries. Therefore in one round (12 throws) everybody has moved one position. The Mantra for this is MCBA. There are no substitutes. The pattern stays in the same alignment during the whole pattern. It helps to mark designated spots on the ground for each position.

Dumb way to die Nr.1: After the first carry (to C on beat 3) make sure to wait for the following pass from C’s right hand. The manipulator is supposed to cross during the 2 count between passes 5 and 7.

Dumb way to die Nr.2: The second intercept (pelf from B on beat 6) is a bit tricky. It helps to keep the self narrow and throw the pelf on the outside of the pattern. Also don’t throw it forward to much, the or manipulator will run into it.

Dumb way to die Nr.3: The walkway for the carry to A on beat 8 has a bit of an S-shape since there are some passes to avoid. Make sure to cross early enough to make space for the feeders pass to C on beat 10.  Also on beat 10 C has remember to throw a very floaty pass to the position the Manipulator walks into.

Have fun dropping!

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