Gare du Zap

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Sorry Barbara. I simply forgot to post it on So for all others. This is already a little bit older recorded in spring 2021.

A nice pattern we juggled as Barbara visited us some weeks ago.
It’s a six handed Siteswap “a8999”.
In the video you’ll have the local siteswaps notation.
Fun-Fact: You’ll allways throw zaps and passes to the same person.
B has straight zaps and passes.

We juggled the pattern at a location called “Gare du Neuss”. So we called the pattern “Gare du Zap” 🙂

Global: a8999
Local Siteswap:
A 1|2: 3,3B|| 3 2,7Cx 3 3 
B 1|2: 2,7A|| 3 3 3,3C|| 3 
C 1|2: 3 3,3Ax 3 2,7B|| 3

Jugglers: Barbara, Simon, Hoschy

Music: Joakim Karud – Vibe With Me

Thx for watching.
Juggle together and keep juggling!

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