Holy Grail (975)

Holy Grail is probably the most hard well-known 7 club passing pattern (correct me if you know a harder one)!
There are no selves, and the three passes are at three different heights (singlepass, doublepass, zap), so the timing is most important. Two or more clubs that go to the same receiving hand one after the other are called “stacks”. For stacks, it is always important the clubs are close to each other in space but well (and evenly) separated in time.
The name “Holy Grail” comes by way of the States: Rhonda and Will were practising 975 a lot, and it took them so much time that other jugglers at their club used to say: That pattern is their holy grail, they fight so hard for it.

Questing after the Holy Grail?

Workshop by Brook & Cameron at the PassOut 2017-2018 Königswiesen

1. Improve your zaps ( a whole independent workshop, coming soon)

2. Try and run 756 & 972 nicely and stably

3. Warm up with 552, then 5

4. Practice Dragons (95) and never delay the 5

5. Learn some basic patterns including dragons, like 92522 or 97522

6. Practice 945 for eleventy billion years

7. Now try 975

And now, watch Nicki & Cameron doing Holy Grail for an incredibly looooooong time!



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  1. I’m speechless. The Crusaders have been looking for it for years and Nicki and Cameron have finally found it. Nice!


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