Holy Grail (975)

Holy Grail is prob­ably the most hard well-known 7 club passing pat­tern (cor­rect me if you know a harder one)!
There are no selves, and the three passes are at three dif­fer­ent heights (single­pass, double­pass, zap), so the tim­ing is most import­ant. Two or more clubs that go to the same receiv­ing hand one after the oth­er are called "stacks". For stacks, it is always import­ant the clubs are close to each oth­er in space but well (and evenly) sep­ar­ated in time.
The name "Holy Grail" comes by way of the States: Rhonda and Will were prac­tising 975 a lot, and it took them so much time that oth­er jug­glers at their club used to say: That pat­tern is their holy grail, they fight so hard for it.

Questing after the Holy Grail?

Work­shop by Brook & Camer­on at the Pas­sOut 2017 – 2018 König­swiesen

1. Improve your zaps ( a whole inde­pend­ent work­shop, com­ing soon)

2. Try and run 756 & 972 nicely and stably

3. Warm up with 552, then 5

4. Prac­tice Dragons (95) and nev­er delay the 5

5. Learn some basic pat­terns includ­ing dragons, like 92522 or 97522

6. Prac­tice 945 for elev­enty bil­lion years

7. Now try 975

And now, watch Nicki & Camer­on doing Holy Grail for an incred­ibly looooooong time!

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  1. I'm speech­less. The Cru­saders have been look­ing for it for years and Nicki and Camer­on have finally found it. Nice!

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