Ivy on V – “Ice Cream Factory”

SGC10 Göttingen, October 2018

Pattern type: takeout

This is a combination of the two Scrambled variations “Ivy” and “V”. In this combination, the two manipulators interact and hand a club to each other. As a result, the V manipulator can now do their substitution on B with a turn (a.k.a. “German turn”, a.k.a. “ice cream”). Right after, the Ivy manipulator does their substitution on C with another “ice cream” turn (this is part of normal Scrambled Ivy), but handing it to the other manipulator instead of the juggler.

Position order:

ABCV manipulatorIvy manipulator

After 3 beats, each person becomes the next position in the table. In order to turn back the current starting position by one step, determine who has just started in which position and assign them the position before that.

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