Ivy on V – "Ice Cream Factory"

SGC10 Göttingen, October 2018

This is a com­bin­a­tion of the two Scrambled vari­ations "Ivy" and "V". In this com­bin­a­tion, the two manip­u­lat­ors inter­act and hand a club to each oth­er. As a res­ult, the V manip­u­lat­or can now do their sub­sti­tu­tion on B with a turn (a.k.a. "Ger­man turn", a.k.a. "ice cream"). Right after, the Ivy manip­u­lat­or does their sub­sti­tu­tion on C with anoth­er "ice cream" turn (this is part of nor­mal Scrambled Ivy), but hand­ing it to the oth­er manip­u­lat­or instead of the jug­gler.

Pos­i­tion order:

ABCV manip­u­lat­orIvy manip­u­lat­or

After 3 beats, each per­son becomes the next pos­i­tion in the table. In order to turn back the cur­rent start­ing pos­i­tion by one step, determ­ine who has just star­ted in which pos­i­tion and assign them the pos­i­tion before that.

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