‘Minis’ Workshop EJC Millstreet 2014

juggled @ EJC 2014 Millstreet

Pattern type: prechac

At the EJC 2014 in Millstreet, Ireland, Anni and Tine gave a very nice workshop for ‘Minis’ – passing patterns with less than 3 clubs per person. There is a quite easy 4 club pattern for 2 people, 3p 2 2p 1 (“Benni”) which was also in the ‘Minis’ workshop at the 2014 Berlin convention. The second one is a much harder 5 club pattern for 2 people, 3p 1 2 4. For that one, I included 2 exercises in the video.

Both Tine and Anni are awesome professional artists who you should “Like” on Facebook – and check out Anni´s website: Anni Küpper

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